Full Name: Ri Houjun
Seishi Name: Chichiri
Called: Kitsune-san (Fox-san)
Age: 24
Blood Type: O
Birthday: May 21
Birthplace: Shouryuu, Konan
Height: 175 cm (5'8")
Weight: not known
Hair: Sky blue
Eyes: Mahogany
Family: Mom, Dad, older brother, younger sister (all supposedly deceased)
Seishi Symbol: "Sho" (well). Located on right knee.
Constellation: Horse
Past/History: Chichiri grew up with a normal life (as far as we know...) until he was older. He was engaged to a woman named Korin (different from Nuriko's sister, duh) and had a best friend, Hikyou. When Hikyou confessed his love to Korin, she claimed she couldn't marry Chichiri because she was tarnished (Hikyou had kissed her). At this time, a flood was sweeping through the land, killing his family and Korin herself, leaving him and Hikyou. In a fury, Chichiri attacked his best friend and in trying to save him from falling to the raging river, recieved the trademark scar across his eye and was unable to hang on to Hikyou. Plagued by his supposed murder to his best friend, Chichiri went on to study magic and such with Taaist-kun on Mr. Daikiyaku.
Personality: The ever smiling mask of Chichiri betrays how much pain he actually feels. Being the eldest seishi, he is wise and knowledgable. Chichiri puts on a happy face most of the time, and is very supportive and helpful to his friends, caring about them deeply. He's always there with helpful knowledge or magery that can help, but very rarely talks about himself or how he feels.
Voice Seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu

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