Full Name: Ou Doukun
Seishi Name: Chiriko
Called: no nicknames, really.. (-_-)
Age: 13
Blood Type: A
Birthday: March 19
Birthplace: Western Konan, Jouzen-Shi
Height: 148 cm (4'10"-5'0")
Weight: not known
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Light green
Family: Mother, older brother
Seishi Symbol: "Cho" (stretching). Located on foot
Constellation: Hydra? (but I think that's Nuriko's...)
Past/History: Not much is known about the 13 short years of Chiriko's life, other than the fact that he's taking the Civil Service Exam of Konan, for a governmental position.
Personality: Again, not much development. Chiriko is your typical (genuis) 13-year old. He's naive and cute, but of course, extremely intelligent and with good advice. He knows a lot about the government of Konan, which makes him a great help to Hotohori. He's also very selfless, sacrificing himself for his friends numerous times.
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