Full Name: Seishuku Saihitei
Seishi Name: Hotohori
Called: Koutei Heika (Emperor-sama, Your Majesty, etc)
Age: 18
Blood Type: A
Birthday: April 12
Birthplace: Eiyou, Konan
Height: 182 cm (about 6'0" I believe...)
Weight: not known
Hair: Brownish/black
Eyes: Golden
Family: Mother and father (both deceased)
Seishi Symbol: "Hoshi" (star). Located on neck.
Constellation: Sea snake
Past/History: Hotohori, born to the royal family of Konan, took the throne at his mother's wishes when his father died. He was 13...I think...when his mother died also and he was left to rule the country himself at such a young age. Since then, he has lived in loneliness, ruling his country as best as he can with the help of his advisors.
Personality: Hotohori's best known quirk is his narcassism , but his character is far deeper than that. While he knows how beautiful he is and dwells on it, Hotohori is truly a caring, sensitive man with a deep loneliness in him. He yearns for someone to understand him, love him for himself, not just for his crown. He, like Tamahome, has a strong sense of devotion and protection to those he loves. Not used to many social situations, he may not know the best way to go about them, but tries anyway. He's a noble, romantic man who just wants to be loved.
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