Full Name: Yuuki Miaka
Called: Miaka, Suzaku no Miko, Baka, Ka Masume (from Nakago..)
Age: 15
Blood Type: B
Birthday: May 12th 1977
Height: 158 cm (5'1")
Weight: 48 kg
Hair: Brownish-red
Eyes: Green
Family: Father (divorced from mom), mom, older brother-Keisuke
Past/History: Miaka's father left her mother, brother and her when she was very young (I'm guessing 6?), which had a large impact of the rest of all of their lives. Miaka met her best friend Yui when they were fairly young too (probably kindergarten), and they have been very close since. Miaka's mother has always been very hard on her and has high expectations for her daughter, especially when it comes to school.
Personality: Miaka is one of the anime heroins that has a following of haters and lovers. She has high energy and enthusiasm, always proving true with a strong will and courageous hope. It's apparent that her mother's persistant expectations weigh down on her, and she isn't as happy as she appears. She doesn't think too highly of herself, doesn't feel she has much worth (again, due to evil ka-san). She's an excellent friend, although not in the opinion of some, but will do anything to keep her friends safe and happy.
Voice Seiyuu: Araki Kae

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