Full Name: Myou Juan
Seishi Name: Mitsukake
Called: no nicknames, really (-_-)
Age: 22
Blood Type: O
Birthday: May 7
Birthplace: Choko, Konan? (maybe?)
Height: 199 cm (roughly 6'9"?? *falls over*)
Weight: not known
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Light blue
Family: not known
Seishi Symbol: "Shin" (rare cart). Located on left palm.
Constellation: Corvus
Past/History: Not much is known on Mitsukake's past. It's been discovered that his family also died in the same flood Chichiri's family did, leaving him only with his lover, Shouka. Having the healing power, Mitsukake was sought over in a lot of areas and was called away from Choko when Shouka developed a strange illness. He was unable to make it back to heal her in time, and her death resulted in his moving to the outskirts of Choko to live as a hermit with his cat, Tama-neko.
Personality: Uhhh....Mitsukake is Mr. No-Personality. Okay, that's not true; he has personality, it's just not very developed throughout the series. Always taciturn and serious, Mitsukake's main character development occurs in the first episode he's introduced in. He has compassion for humanity, but doubts his abilities when he's unable to save his true love. He is completely selfless, always putting others before him in every circumstance. He has words of wisdom when they're needed, and it's apparent that he has a bit of a sense of humor, only he doesn't use it much. A nice guy, just too-underdelevoped.
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