Full Name: Chou Ryuuen
Seishi Name: Nuriko
Called: The Gay Boy (-_-)
Age: 18
Blood Type: B
Birthday: March 10
Birthplace: Eiyou, Konan
Height: 166 cm (5'5")
Weight: not known
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Brownish-pink?
Family: Mom, Dad, older brother-Rouko/Ryoko? (*not sure*) , younger sister- Kourin
Seishi Symbol: "Yanagi" (willow). Located on collarbone.
Constellation: Hydra? (I've also read this is Chiriko's constellation... @_@)
Past/History: Nuriko grew up, very close to his younger sister, Kourin. His world was shook when she was killed by a cart. He refused to accept that she was dead and took it upon himself to keep Kourin with him by dressing like a woman and going by her name. Very pretty himself, he got into the Emperor's harem, becoming a Princess of the Realm and falling in love with the Emperor, Hotohori.
Personality: Nuriko is mysterious in the way that you have to dig deep to discover his real personality. At first, depending on whether you find him in a girl mood or a guy mood, he can be catty and cunning, almost decieteful. He has a very brash sense of humor and it seems finds amusement in tormenting others. But Nuriko is a caring, compassionate person, very wise to boot. He cares deeply about others and is extremely selfless. Often, he gets nothing in return for his selflessness. Watching Nuriko, you always get the feeling that he's hiding some deep pain...
Voice Seiyuu: Chika Sakamoto

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