Full Name: So Kishiku
Seishi Name: Tamahome
Called: Tama-chan, Obake-chan (means monster-chan), Tama-kins (if you watch the dubbed)
Age: 17
Blood Type: O
Birthday: June 28
Birthplace: Hakko Village, Konan
Height: 178 cm (5'10") although I also read somewhere 180 (6'0")??
Weight: not known
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Violetish/blue?
Family: Father, younger brothers and sisters: Chuei, Gyokuran, Shunkei, and Yurien
Seishi Symbol: "Oni" (ogre). Located on his forehead.
Constellation: Crab
Past/History: Tamahome grew up to a poor family in a small village in Konan. After giving birth to his youngest sibling, Tama's mother died, and he and his father were left to raise the kids. His father had a sickness (the illness is never named), which left Tama to do a lot of the work. He left home to go to the city to make money, which he brings back to his family whenever he can.
Personality: Ah, the handsome miser. Tamahome's most known quirk is his love for money, which makes him appear cold and unfeeling to anything but it. He puts up a hard exterior because he doesn't always have a lot of experience with life. He's really very caring and sensitive, and this is shown so much as the series progresses. He has a strong sense of protection to those he loves and holds them dearly to him. Tamahome is loyal and reasonable, unlike many characters in the series. When something makes him mad, look out, because this boy is vengeful! His determination surprises many, and when he puts his mind to it, there's not much Tamahome can't do. He's sweet and romantic beyond belief when he wants to be.
Voice Seiyuu: Hikari Midorikawa

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