Full Name: Ko Shun'u
Seishi Name: Tasuki
Called: Genrou, Gen-chan, Hammer (non-swimmer)
Age: 17
Bloodtype: B
Birthday: April 18
Birthplace: Kou-Shuu, Taito-shi-the base of Mt. Lekakui, Konan
Height: 178 (5'10")
Weight: not known
Hair: flaming orange/red
Eyes: Amber
Family: Mom, Dad, five older sisters- Jiang, Li'an, Pa'liu, Mai, and Aidou
Seishi Symbol: "Yoku" (wing). Located on right forearm.
Constellation: Crater
Past/History: Tasuki grew up with a passionate annoyance to women (it's not hard to see why... 5 sisters!) and ran away at a young age. He ran away to Mt. Leikakui, the imfamous mountain of bandits, and was caught trying to climb over the fortress wall. After much testing, he was accepted as the youngest bandit, there also meeting his best friend, Kouji. The bandit leader, who was particularly close to Tasuki, told him of his being a seishi. When he left to journey around, the leader passed away.
Personality: What is it about red-heads that makes them fiery? Combining the fire-red hair, the Aries sign, and the blood type of B makes Tasuki a very brash, loud, out-spoken person. He lacks a little thing called "delicacy" and is constantly sticking his foot in his mouth--and getting beat up for it. He stands up for what he believes in and will fight determinedly. He's very sensitive, in all actuality, and does have a soft spot for women, although he claims to hate them. He's loyal and sticks bravely with his friends.
Voice Seiyuu: Hayashi Nobutoshi

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